After founding A Learning Place A Teaching Place for teachers and schools in 2009, we are excited to launch the sibling site, Primary Maths, for students and parents! 

Founding CEO and active Maths Consultant, Carol Spencer:

  • has over 25 years successful experience as teachers and leaders in schools in 3 countries (Australia, New Zealand and UK)
  • is a writer of mathematics curriculum material for Education Boards and Departments
  • is a provider of professional learning in mathematics 
  • works daily with teachers, students and parents to deepen understanding of maths concepts and relationships between concepts.

We founded A Learning Place A Teaching Place to follow our passion to ensure a strong mathematical education for every child.

We founded Primary Maths

  • to allow parents to understand the way that their child is learning maths!
  • to allow children to continue to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts at any time of the day!

Primary Maths also has an easy to use self-assessment tool to allow children to assess their understanding of concepts, to determine their starting levels.

At both Primary Maths and A Learning Place a Teaching Place, we successfully turn current learning research into practical quality teaching ready for immediate implementation, developing deep understanding in both the children and adults!

As teachers and parents, we learn as we teach our children!

If you’d like to contact us, we’d love to hear from you! Simply email